A Map of the Floating City
Cargo Page

Martin Burr (Clubland): Still trying to achieve 10 full sets of all items

  • 17 Hills

    [19]flaming hairClothing
    [19]hacksaw bladeDefence
    [14]iron grilleRelic
    [19]lead roofRelic
  • A Jealous Thing Called Love

    [20]Dim SumEdible
  • Evil Twin Brother

    [20]Neon signHousehold
  • Love is a Loaded Pistol

    [22]creaky piano stoolHousehold
    [21]Johnny WalkerDrinkable
    [320]loaded pistolDefence
    [658]Sour MashDrinkable
    [25]strange fruitEdible
  • Nothing New Under the Sun

    [23]a little germCursed Relic
    [11]mozzarella cheeseEdible
    [10]Psilocybin nutroastEdible
  • Oceanea

  • Simone

  • To the Lifeboats

    [11]the last ratPet
  • Toad Lickers

    [10]Jaffa CakesEdible
    [15]jaw harpEntertainment
    [19]paint stripperRelic
    [24]rubber tubeRelic
  • Airhead

    [20]pretty jewelsClothing
    [10]remote controlClothing
    [20]tinted contactsClothing
  • Beauty of a Dream

    [4]bug in a peachPet
    [3]frog on a leafPet
    [10]hard nutEdible
    [11]the keyIntelligence
  • Budapest by Blimp

    [10]the ashes of the JewsCursed Relic
    [10]the blood of ZulusCursed Relic
    [10]the Book of HistoryIntelligence
  • Eastern Bloc

    [11]torn trousersClothing
  • Key to Her Ferrari

    [11]500 Italian horsesPet
    [11]giant piranha fishPet
  • May the Cube Be With You

    [10]leather flying helmetClothing
    [10]pleasure drugEntertainment
    [10]The CubeEntertainment
  • Neon Sisters

    [11]free lunchEdible
  • Pulp Culture

    [26]Milky WayEdible
  • Silk Pyjamas

    [10]big pith helmetClothing
    [10]Dr MartensClothing
    [10]tofu dogEdible
  • Dissidents

    [18]glove full of vaselineCursed Relic
    [14]iron fistCursed Relic
    [20]tiny insectPet
  • Field Work

  • Hyperactive

    [35]a machineRelic
    [13]cube headClothing
    [10]the FunkEntertainment
  • Mulu the Rain Forest

    [20]morning dewDrinkable
  • Puppet Theater

    [11]puppet theaterEntertainment
  • Screen Kiss

    [15]blue filter lensRelic
  • The Devil is an Englishman

    [10]a nest of tiny scorpionsPet
  • The Flat Earth

    [18]demon seedCursed Relic
    [19]ray gunDefence
  • White City

    [17]white powderEntertainment
  • Airwaves

    [19]abandoned wiresRelic
    [12]copper cablesRelic
  • Cloudburst At Shingle Street

    [40]boots of concreteClothing
    [32]cork in the oceanRelic
    [58]vest of plasterClothing
  • Europa And The Pirate Twins

    [351]round spectaclesClothing
  • Flying North

    [11]landing gearRelic
    [10]Metal BirdPet
  • Leipzig

    [11]dentist drillDefence
  • One Of Our Submarines

    [11]air valveRelic
    [14]heavy waterCursed Relic
    [11]red lightRelic
    [12]Spam tinEdible
  • She Blinded Me With Science

    [10]careful notesIntelligence
    [16]trench coatClothing
    [14]tubes and wiresRelic
  • Urges

    [11]ape in motionPet
    [10]china dollRelic
  • Weightless

    [31]big hunk of carrot cakeEdible
    [23]blueberry milkshakeDrinkable
    [20]fistful of ColdrexEdible
    [17]fruit juice everywhereDrinkable
    [26]fuel gaugeRelic