A Map of the Floating City

'A Map Of The Floating City' game

Copyright Lost Toy People, Inc (2010-2011) All Rights Reserved


Ship's Captain for concept, writing, audio, video -- Thomas Dolby

Quarter Master for game design, writing, UI -- Andrea Phillips

Sailing master, project manager, and deckhand -- Sara Thacher

First Mate Pixel Pusher and Div Director -- Marcus Reidner

Chief Zend rigger, problem solver, saint -- Peter Smith

Ship's Carpenter, GMap API spelunker -- Daniel Grace

Graphic Design and Concept Art Skipper, Master Typographer -- Paul Sizer

Flag hoister and web mistress -- Lunesse

Semophore and Voiceover -- Michael Brandon

Photography -- Ed Burtynsky, Dean Hawkey, Jon Moran

Additional video editing -- Darren Goldsmith

Additional writing -- Matthew Seligman, Grant Morris, Rachel Armstrong

Scientific consultant -- Rachel Armstrong

Handwriting -- Kathleen Beller

Additional database programming skipper -- Till Toenshoff


Thanks to: Nikki Sørensen, Andy Ferguson, Johnny Mentzer, Andrew Down, Merujo Jordan, Graham Robertson, Jon Chiddick, Ed Guttman, Nick Elveston, David Baranoff, JJ Abrams